Equine Seabuck 7

Equine Seabuck 7

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Supports digestive function, healthy coat & shine, high energy & focus

SeaBuck 7 Equine has been used across equestrian disciplines to ensure focused and optimal levels of performance both at home and in competition. Sea Buckthorn helps maintain stomach lining against oxidative damage and supports tissue repair. SeaBuck 7 Equine is a COST EFFECTIVE natural, food-based liquid supplement made from wildcrafted sea buckthorn berries, the same miraculous superfruit used for centuries to improve the health, appearance and stamina of horses. SeaBuck 7 Equine is easily digested, readily absorbed and provides a host of vitamins, nutrients and bioactives. SeaBuck 7 Equine is a natural source of antioxidants and omega 7 fatty acid that supports digestive and reproductive health and a beautiful coat.

+ Strong gastric tissue
+ Healthy digestive function
+ Coat health
+ Sperm motility
+ Strengthened immune system